The Brain Jam Book

The Brain Jam Book


46 film illustrations to identify!

A Cinephiles challenge

This “Brain Jam” book is a whole collection of 46 film illustrations.

The idea is to introduce a game to the reader. In each page you will find a quote from the film, and the illustration. And then in the next page, there is the solution.

Some of them are easy to find out, but some others (cinephile level) not so much.

In the next sequence, you can see the process between the first sketch and the final illustration. The first one is done with a blue pencil, (so when I scan it I can delete the blue channel and keep the useful lines). The next two images remain to the traditional inking, with brush pens, and the digital inking, where I can reach a much more detailed image.

The last one is the final illustration, with the perfect texture, light balance, and adding shadows or color depending on the image and the background assigned.

The next graphic is a quick view from all the illustrations in the book. Obviously, the color is one of the main features in this project. I have used it as a guide to identify the film as well as to unify the whole group, to make them look part of a set, and not independents.

The result is a very personal illustration, with such a particular technique that unifies the traditional and digital techniques, so I can preserve the warm lines from the pen and the perfect contrast and lines style from the digital illustration.

The purpose of the book is to guess the film with the help of a quote or part of the film scripts. For this reason, the best option was to make the text remind an original film script, with the old fashioned style of a typewriter as we all have the romantic and idyllic image of the tormented writer with his old school equipment like Jack Torrent (The Shinning) or Christian (Moulin Rouge!).

The perfect font should be a very strong and personal type with big serif slabs and a not very wide shape (closest to a condensed style), with an alternative sans serif font, which I needed to use for the answers (in the same page, but following a hierarchical layout, in a much more small and discreet way).