La Piel del Diablo (Tino Casal)

La piel del diablo

ORO NEGRO: A homage book for Tino Casal

“Oro negro: 25 años sin Tino Casal” is a 750 limited edition book paying homage to the unique Spanish artist Tino Casal.

The book size is 190×190 mm, referring the classic vinyl size used for the singles. It is 200 pages long, printed with two different inks: Black and Magenta; and the cover is printed in… GOLD!

77 illustrators decided to participate in this project, orchestrated by Juan Díaz-Faes, Joe Van Houten, Lara González and Tejo (from Pixelbox design studio).

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The illustration I made is for the song: La piel del diablo, which means Devil’s skin.

The portrait composition with the flowers reminds a kind of classic and vintage portrait, made with decorative intention for an important person in the past. Obviously, it is not a random fact that the poppies are the flowers chosen, as the song refers to something he says he wants to give you.