Lettering Calendar

A 12 month wallpaper collection

The last time I visited London, I went to the Brand Museum (Nothing Hill).

Photos were not allowed, so I started sketching all the interesting letters in the exhibition. The result were tons of letters, so I had to design something with them, and a desktop wallpaper with a calendar was a quite useful idea 🙂

LetteringCalendar-01 copy
LetteringCalendar-02 copy
LetteringCalendar-03 copy
LetteringCalendar-04 copy
LetteringCalendar-05 copy
LetteringCalendar-07 copy
LetteringCalendar-08 copy
LetteringCalendar-09 copy
LetteringCalendar-10 copy
LetteringCalendar-11 copy
LetteringCalendar-12 copy