The three of swords, featured in the movie «The Love Witch»
The trees from the canvas that Elaine is painting in the movie «The Love Witch».
The caduceus symbolises trade, negotiation and reciprocity and was co-opted into the Baphomet by the illustrator Eliphas Levi, author of the original Baphomet illustration.
Classic 70s platform boots for the stylish Elaine
The throne where the monk sits in the DEATH album cover «Scream bloody gore». After watching HAXAN I realised that it was based on one of the scenes in the movie so I wanted to make a link between the two movies and the band.
Baphomet symbolism again: One hand pointing down to the black one of Geburah («as above, so below»).
The torch of knowledge is the middle horn. It glorifies the pursuit of knowledge.
Elaine’s pentagram carpet.