2015 – 2022

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No existen dos culturas, sino una única y necesaria donde ciencias y humanidades están unidas

Principia es un medio independiente, entretenido, riguroso y exigente que apuesta por la persuasión frente a la convicción, la literatura frente a los textos académicos, la ilustración frente a las tablas y figuras, la empatía frente a la arrogancia. Una visión fresca, un medio inclusivo con un enfoque novedoso e innovador, con un único objetivo: conectar la ciencia con la sociedad.

Movies & Science

Principia magazine

Pulp style illustration for Principia Magazine.

Illustration for an article written by Daniel Torregrosa about the movie «Fantastic Voyage» (1966 – Richard Fleischer).

Principia web

Principia Magazine: Comic LGTBIQ+ Issue

Principia magazine

«Mi Refugio Favorito», article about Oliver Sacks form Principia LGTBIQ+ issue.

Principia Kids: Index

Principia Kids

Index for the Kids Issue

Principia Kids

Principia kids

Recipe illustration for Principia Kids.

El misterio de la voz

Principia Kids

A tale for kids about the vocal chords and how they work.

Las criaturas extraordinarias de Lalo el explorador

Principia Kids

An illustration story about weird animals in nature.

Ciencia de acogida


The main subject of this exhibition was to highlight the drama of the great exoduses, human beings who risk their lives, losing it in many cases, and entire peoples who are stripped of their cultural wealth by wars.

My poster was a homage to Dolors Canals i Farriols, pioneer of the educational project for children from 0 to 6 years during the Civil War. After studying medicine, psychology and biology, he devoted himself to scientific research on early childhood.

At the beginning of the Civil War, she was appointed head of the Catalan daycare centers, which were part of the movement.



The exhibition Creators took place within the framework of the celebration of the XIV Congress of the Spanish Society of History of Sciences and Techniques, at the Institute of History of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (June 20-22, 2022).

The theme of the exhibition is the links between art and science through various creative women. It is based on a selection of 15 women artists and/or scientists, who have stood out for linking these two disciplines, providing a holistic view of knowledge, portrayed by women illustrators who, inspired by their biographies and contributions, have produced their designs exclusively for this this exhibition. Therefore, these are unique works that try to give a new vision to the image of women as authorities in the STEAM world, crossing transdisciplinary borders. Especially, in the selection, it has been sought that the represented creators have been relevant for their humanistic and integrating character in arts and sciences.

Exhibition curated by Elisa Garrido Moreno (Autonomous University of Madrid) | Advisor and text editor: Vanessa Quintanar (Complutense University of Madrid)


#CienciaenelParlamento es una iniciativa ciudadana promoviendo una gestión informada por el conocimiento científico.