«The figure of the lycanthrope inspires an edition of Sitges that asks to be tested under the influence of the full moon. Sixteen firms from the world of comics and illustration have conscientiously expressed the exploits of the most dangerous and uncontrollable nocturnal creature imaginable, offering a feast of abracadabra sensations.»

The exhibition brings together the unpublished art of Albert Monteys, Brain Jam, Magius, Sara Bea, Ángel, Olga de Castro, Fermín Solís, Cels Piñol, Álex Orbe, Laura Pérez, Ata, Ladrón, Roberto González, Pedro Vera, Paco Cavero and David Leon.

I chose to illustrate the movie with the wolfman carrying the beautiful woman because —even if it is not very feminist— it is an iconic horror movie scene that repeats in many different stories from the old times, so I wanted to highlight the moment when the monster takes care of the delicate and beautiful loved woman.

Final poster with Lon Chaney Jr as the Wolf Man and Evelyn Ankers in front of a full moon. The gypsy woman and the walking cane frame the main couple in the center of the poster.

I decided to keep the original lettering because I think it is PERFECT so I just re-draw it and added to the composition in a highlight color that maches the whole color palette enhancing the title of the movie.

Alaska in front of the posters in Sitges at the exhibition