Vendaval Fest


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Un grupo de amigos a los que les gusta la música, que vivió una época en Ribadeo en la que prácticamente había cada fin de semana música en directo y que por encima de todo entienden esa maravillosa sensación de disfrutar de un concierto o festival con tu gente.

Idealizando una época mejor para la música, tanto en nuestro pueblo como en el panorama mundial se propusieron conseguir una pequeña sombra de lo que ya han conseguido nuestros vecinos y otros pequeños pueblos.

VENDAVAL FEST es una organización sin ánimo de lucro, cuyo objetivo es la continuidad en el tiempo de este proyecto.


The name of the brand, Nuberu, refers to a mithological character from Asturias (Spain). Due to its celtic past, Asturias has many similarities with the nordic countries and its culture. The Nuberu is a character that can take control over the weather —similar to Odin and Thor— and because of this strenght and relationship with the nature, he was chosen for the brand.


I designed the basic characters for the Nuberu brand, so it can be used for the different sports and activities available. The glyphs shapes are simplified strokes with a strong geometrical look, based in the traditional viking runes.


Seven different symbols were designed —keeping the runes style— for each activity.

Horizontal version

Horizontal + smaller version

Isolated symbol


The color code will provide users information about the difficulty of the activity, from the easiest to the extreme ones.







Illustration + poster for the first VENDAVAL festival. The branding has a consistent & eye-catching aesthetic that made very easy to identify every poster or communicaction related to the festival in the area.